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I was very impressed with the amount of expertise and exceptional customer service that I received from Justin. My website is beautiful and I'm getting great feedback from everyone. I was so happy with his work on my logo design and site that I recommended his services to my own clients!

Before I met Justin from JHFX Design I had a couple other website builders work on making me a website but all they did was lie and take my money. It happened for years until a friend of Justin mentioned him to me.

From the start Justin gave me confidence in one day having the website I always wanted. He impressed me with his professionalism and how educated he was towards his work. When we discussed everything regarding my website Justin got right to starting it without even asking me for money up front. He knew I was in a time of need and was willing to help me.

I was truly impressed once I saw the final outlook of my site. It was nowhere near comparable to the trash the other so called website builders got done for me.

I can honestly say Justin has been a big contribution to the success of my work today, without him I would still be stuck on delivering flyers and business cards. Thanks to him I am also top three on many searches on google.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for work no more than a professional for a website need because that is the only way JHFX Design can be described as, professional. Thanks to Justin all I get is a big "Wow!" whenever a customer asks who build my website. Till this day Justin still works on my site when I need him too. If you are looking for quality and professionalism JHFX Design is the way to go.

Almost three years ago I hired Justin and JHFX Design to design and build a website for me.  To say that it has been one of the best investments that I have ever made would be a huge understatement!  I get compliments on it all the time, but more importantly, I get business as a result of it!  One of the first things we did was design a logo.   We talked in general terms about what I wanted and then, just a few days later,  I was presented with  several possibilities from the design team.  From there it was easy and we mixed and matched until it was just what I wanted.  It became the backbone of my website, business cards, signs and banners, and other advertising media I've had JHFX Design create for me.  Thank you, JHFX Design!

Justin is a thoughtful, creative and kind web designer and I feel like his work is an extension of my business and he is part of my team!

No matter what I am trying to convey or accomplish, he always captures just perfectly what I am trying to express on my website and his suggestions are always spot on.  I couldn't imagine doing what I do without him !

JHFX Design has helped my business explode! Justin's patience, expertise and knowledge of constant changing technology , has kept me on the first page in SEARCH ENGINES for 2 years now!!!

He also has an eye for graphics and clever designs that are attention getters and coincide with the type of business you represent.

I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend JHFX Designs for all your advertisement needs.

About 10 years ago, by conversation, I connected with JHFX designs. Back in 2004, the website  JHFX design created for me was top notch.

As technology progressed, so did JHFX design. In 2012, I asked for a new website to be created for me.  I could not be more pleased with my website! I continue to get numerous compliments on the design and how my page is so different from others.

I am in entertainment and really don't know the ins and outs of creating a website and sometimes I have questions. But, I must say, JF shows patience and helps to resolve every issue presented.  That is much appreciated.  Recently I had an issue on a sign in and I had to email Justin. I was appreciative for the quick response and resolve of my sign in issue. I would recommend JHFX design to any business or personal client that wants a very professional website created to your individual liking. I am pleased with my JHFX product.

JHFX Designs developed our website and all my graphic and logo designs as well as all my promotional materials.  The website work is beautiful, exhibiting our products in an eye-catching way but, more importantly, in a very user friendly format. I have been asked repeatedly who built my website and created my business cards.

Our company took off faster than I anticipated and I credit much of that to our website and promotional material that was designed by JHFX Designs. I would never have any other company do our web work.

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