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Sarah Lee Recovery

Sarah is an amazing Eating Disorder Recovery Coach located in Dallas, TX with local in-person clients and globally via online and phone sessions. 

“It is never too late to recover! I work with all ages and specialize in adolescents, while also helping to guide parents providing lots of tools and skills along the way. The road to recovery is as unique as each individual person and their story. I believe you need both science and soul for true healing, yet with a tailored approach along with the imperatives of personal understanding and the ability to relate. My own eating disorder plagued me for almost seven years in my twenties; however, for many many years I have been fully recovered and free. Yes, it is possible! My passion is helping girls and women who struggle with eating disorders, find freedom with food and peace within their bodies; moreover, learning acceptance of their journey and desire to fulfill their life purpose.”

Medical Website Design - Dallas, TX

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